Monday, March 20, 2017

My Degree Life


I have came to the new chapter of life which I am able to pursue my study in degree. I never thought that I will be doing the course I took right now. Form 6 was really hard for me and I wasn't able to perform well in all 3 semesters. My result my terribly terrible. I felt ashamed to myself, my friends and family. Teachers always feel like they fail teaching us but the truth is the students fail to accept what has been taught. Dear teachers, never blame yourself and the whole world knows that you are the greatest educator in this entire universe. I am very thankful to have all of you.

I never get serious when it comes to find what I am really passionate about so that I will take that as my career. But if you asked me on what I passionate about.. I would say everything ? I love to learn new things, read books, explore the world because knowledge it is something that you can never get bored or even tired. Even at this moment as I am studying in degree, I still have not decide yet what I really want to make it as career.What I know about myself when it comes to studying, it is compulsory for me to have something I need to calculate. Yes ~ Mathematics ! I love them so much. Life is incomplete without numbers. My weaknesses are memorizing and  easily confuse with the concept as we need to keep on reading and differentiate between all the concept and memorize it. That needs a lot of process doesn't it ? I need something to be calculated so that I feel my brain is working and speed up and alert I guess.

When I was registering myself into the University I was nervous and there are so many questions running inside my mind. Am I able to stay away from my family? Can I easily adapt to the environment ? Can I get new friends? How's the course I took going to be.... To be honest I don't do research about the course I took. Never do a research. I don't know how I am able to make decision to take Bachelor in Finance (Honors) as it is something that 360 degree different than what I learnt in my Form 6 time. It is totally different ! No Biology. No Calculus. No Chemistry. Now I have to learn basic of accounting, basic business mathematics and many mores. I felt that I will struggle myself till the end of the first semester. But it was totally wrong. I am able to finish my first semester and gain result with flying colours. No more below than B+ gain most of the subject 4.00 . It is something that very unexpected. I proved to myself that I might lack of basic but it doesn't stop me from excel my semester.

Currently I am in semester 2 and final exam just about the corner. I need to work hard for now so that I can improve myself from time to time. Thing getting a lot more harder. My effort back semester was not so bad, still I push myself harder. Now I need to push  a little bit harder than before.

It is normal for you to cry and feel stress no matter about your studies or about people around you. Don't let the small things make you sad and ruins your day or your life. Just remember to yourself, you came here as a fighter. Fight healthily in your studies, don't let people ruins you. Never ever get easily influence by bad attitudes from others. Ignore those people who hurts you. Never payback what they did to you ! If you do, you and that person has no different at all.

Remember to stay cool, stay positive.