Sunday, April 28, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone ^_^

1.   Rat is my zodiac.
2.   My horoscope is Taurus.
3.   I'm 161cm tall.
4.   I easily gain and lose weight.
5.   Plain water is my second favorite water.
6.   Officially wearing Hijab.
7.   I'm applying scholarship to USA.
8.   I sleep 6 hours in the evening and stay up all night until it's time for school.
9.   Spent my weekends by doing unbeneficial stuff.
10. Love counting but get irritated when ones the answer is wrong for the first try.
11. Had broken English.
12. Pink was my favourite colour.
13. Always smile.
14. Samsung Galaxy Young user.
15. Hello Kitty hardcore.
16. An Aunt to 3 nephews and 2 nieces.
17. I don't have any license cuz people now a days driving like crazy..
18. Have acne problem .. but acne scars are worst that acne.
19. Have a typical Asian skin.
20. My shoe size is 6/37.
21. Last thing I bought was gel pen refills.
22.Time management is a big problem for me.
23. Was a huge Kpop fans.
24. I can read Korean word but cannot understand the meaning.
25. Never get myself into a serious relationship cuz I never serious in everything ~ (so I don't want to break people  heart )
26. I love red, black, white, pink ..... pastel colour ~ neon too !!
27. The gap age between me and my first brother is 15years.
28. Easily get irritated.
29. A school prefect.
30. I always wake up quite late. which is 6.20 in the morning .
31. I hate the school that I currently studying. 
32. I don't have ambition.
33. The age range of a guy that I will marry is same age to 3 or 4 years older than me. ^^
34. Want the best mark I can get in exam but lazy to study.
35. Play sports and rugged activities.
36. Can't trust google translate 100% 
37. Have tonsil and sinus.
38. Love to read love novels.
39. Suddenly like Malay dramas.
40. Love to wear shawl than started to like square hijab.
41. Demi Lovato is my idol since I was 12years old.
42. A huge fan of Westlife and until today I still playing their songs.
43. I can't sit on the floor more than 5minutes.
44. Bath more than twice a day ..
45. Shampoo my hair every 2days.
46. Right handed.
47. Difficult in making decision.
48. For 11 years my dad sent me to school.
49. I always skipped extra class when I was in standard 6.
50. Always try to make people I loved smile :D 

The facts that I wrote are true and some are I just simply write. My fingers need to take a rest. toodles !

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Florence Ayum said...

kita ada banyak persamaan nampak.. hehe lawat mio sini... flo ada tulis entry baru :)