Sunday, April 21, 2013

Move forward towards the light ...

It isn't to late to start wishing .. Not only wishes can be make in New year.. everyday is a new day and beginning ...

My wish are very simple .. 
To have a fresh new start. but if I want a new beginning, it has to start from within.
I'm not a perfect person.. 
In fact, I'm perfectly imperfect person. 
Being perfect is not something I seek...because it's not possible. 
but do you know what is ? Becoming a better person. 
That's something we can all do.. 
Becoming a better person than I was yesterday..
is a beautiful promise I can make to myself. 

I promise to kind, 
to be caring, 
to be helpful, 
to be respectful and have self-respect, 
to be generous and giving, 
to be sincere and selfless, 
to be forgiving and accepting, 
to be humble and honest,
to be courageous and loyal, 
to have more faith to myself and others, 
to be more confident and brave, 

but the most important of all.. 
I promise to find light in every darkness and when it feels hopeless, 
I will tell myself to try one more time.. and have faith.. 

If you are close to ink, you will be in darkness, 
if you are close to light, you will shine bright..
Whenever you look up at the night sky to see the takes million of years for their light to reach us.. 
So what we end up see are our past memories .. 
But it doesn't matter because all we care about is what right in front of us.. 
a beautiful shinning stars .. 
Not from the past but from the present.. the past is behind, 
only look back to learn from it...  and when you're ready, 
Let's all move towards the light ...

Start your day with a smile and remember everyday is the beginning... let the past stay behind and never look back..

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