Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blood Donation


on the 25th June 2013 a blood donation campaign was held at SMJK Sam Tet .. Opposite to SMC . I get a chance to donate blood ~ yeayyy ! I don't scared at all... hee :D We have to measure our weight, blood pressure if I not mistaken ... your weight must be 45kg and above .. the last time my weight is 44kg .. I thought I can't make it ... and guess what happen ~ My weight is 49kg ! wow~ I admit I ate a lot lately .. hmm.. that's okay .. as long as I can donate blood. that would be alright ~

behind the band aid ~ actually my arm is not look really that good....

you don't know what actually happen to me .... 

Lesson learnt : even thought the nurse ask for left hand but if you think your left hand didn't do a lot of work.. you better tell the nurse and change to right hand ~ or you will end up like me ... the blood don't want to come out and the nurse start to move a little the needle ... it's a pain bro ! and change and poke the needle to right hand ... twice pain !! 

After all.. I am glad I can donate my blood and helps the patients .. 


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