Thursday, May 12, 2016

'Ty' club byebye 'teen club'

It was a great club and now i have to adapt myself into a new club. I hope it still as fun as my previous club. Does it fun ??? I guess its time to be and act differently. Be more matured, focus for future? I would ssy that its not a big deal because c'mon ...... suhaili memang matang and berwawasan okay ! 

On 25th April 2016 i turns 20 and my birthday was amazing with the girls i have and also my family, they really make my day special. Not just special but very very very special ! Thank you for everything guys ! My girls did a surprise a day before my birthday which was on th 24th. The theme was Hello Kitty and Pink !! which i really love it and i never thought they will make hello kitty theme. Because i would say that hello kitty merchant is quite expensive and rarely we can get. But my girls are too creative and pandai ! They made all those stuff on their own. I really appreciate that. Really appreciate the times and efforts that you guys put to make it happen. Thanks a lot Farisha, Cham and B. I love you guys so much !!

I just really thankful to have you guys and I dont know how to repay all this. I just feel that every ucapan terima kasih from me memang tak cukup dan takkan pernah cukup. I just really dont know what to say and now also i dont know what to crap to show how much i appreciate it. THANKS A LOT !!

Not forget to my family who celebrated my birthday. 6 kotak dominos kot ! and I ate 2 slices je out of 6 boxes of 6 flavours. Too full lah. Because before that my friend kidnapped me and bring me to this romantic restaurant. wow so romantic with chandelier bagai. yaaaa.... Thanks to everyone yang wish me, beli cake lagi. This year birthday memang makan sampai muntah. XD

So that it is guy ! Thanks a lot and see you !


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